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What My Body Craves

What My Body Craves

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A three-year-old heartbreak has left Summer Green with a sour taste toward love. As a result, her life has been filled with unattached situationships and strictly sexual encounters. Choosing instead to nurture her love for cooking and all things food, the self-made chef is looking for a chance to showcase her God-given talent. With everything but love on the menu and no obligations other than to ensure she never again suffers from a broken heart, Summer is offered a position as a personal chef for one of the hottest erotic romance authors around.

New York Times bestselling erotic romance author and heartthrob, Hunter Davis, is a real jerk behind all the flawless pictures and candid interviews. He’s even admitted to this particularly not so flattering personality trait, but women still flock to him just to get close to the handsome, single pen pusher, in hopes of being the one to soften his heart enough to become his love interest in real life. Unfortunately, he believes in no such ending outside of his novels and has no problem letting the world know that he draws the line at the very thing he built his career on. His decision serves him well until the day Hunter is blindsided by a woman who possessed everything he never knew he wanted.

From the moment Summer disrupts the ordinary of his life with extraordinary, Hunter is quick to realize that fantasy has nothing on the reality she brings. It doesn’t take long for Hunter to see Summer is the one woman who makes him pulsate with an urgency that can’t be denied. Will Summer accept his heart and everything connected to it, or will she get her cravings filled elsewhere? Will Hunter be able to decide what happens next in this unexpected, real-life romance, or will his heart end up crushed by one of the best love stories he’s ever written?

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