House of Sivron

House of Sivron

On June 13th…

I was so nervous…but I finally did it! It’s OFFICIALLY launch day ☺️🎉🙌🏾😍

A few weeks before my mother passed away, I’d started beading just to make jewelry for myself, but after my mom died (April 13, 2021), beading helped me cope with losing her. Though, the more I made, the more ppl encouraged me to sell my pieces and or asked if my jewelry was for sale. The feedback wasn’t expected but appreciated so I just decided to go with it.
I began to bead and study my craft even more in-depth, so I could perfect my skills. I knew when my mother died, I wanted to honor her memory with this craft that I’d grown to love and had become extremely passionate about, but I wasn’t mentally in a space where I needed to get things done to turn my jewelry-making into a business. So I just added the jewelry to my site because it was less hectic. But somewhere in the middle of all my grieving, I found the courage and strength to get my business off the ground.
I knew I would officially launch the business this year (2023), but I didn’t have a timeframe in mind, and I was terrified of failing. The doubt was drowning me. I knew I had to stop being nervous and scared, though, and face my sadness and fear. I knew my mommy would’ve told me to go for it just like she said with every single hope and dream I’ve ever had. So back in February, I took all my jewelry from my author site with the intention to get everything back up on my new site exclusive to my jewelry the following month, but again I allowed my fear and procrastination to cause me to put off everything I should’ve been doing.
Fast forward to June, the necessary paperwork is complete and approved by MI, I’m done designing my website, and I finally got my ish together. Im still struggling with the loss of my mommy but I just still wanna make her proud. I’m officially a three-time business owner. So today, right now, is the official launch of my company, HOUSE OF SIVRON HANDMADE BEADED JEWELRY BOUTIQUE.
This business is not only in honor of my mother’s memory; it’s also named after her (Sivron is my mother’s name spelled backward. Something she came up with.) and my daughter. This moment is so bittersweet, but I promised myself that I would push through the pain and all the rest of the emotions I'm going through right now and be proud of my accomplishment.
I have so much jewelry to upload to my site, but I decided to add new pieces a few times each week to pace myself. Anywhoo…House of Sivron is now open! Thanks to everyone who has ever supported me on this journey and to my regulars (though small but mighty) who hit me up to make special pieces for their special days. I wouldn’t be here without your love and support. I love ya’ll!

S/O to Iesha Bree for once again bringing my vision to life🖤🖤🖤She had me in tears with this one♥️



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