Please note the following before you continue to the FAQ’s below: 

***While most orders will ship the same day, our turnaround time to ship is within 1-3 business days. We do/ will attempt to get orders shipped out on the same day that you purchase. Any issue you have with USPS once your order is shipped is out of our control but we will do everything in our power to help you with whatever shipping issue that may arise.

***Please ensure your order is correct before purchasing. We will not cancel or refund your order. If you make a mistake on your address and you notice before you get the notification email that you package has been shipped, we will happy correct your mistake. All lost and or stolen purchases won’t be replaced. Nor are we responsible for them and we will not replace them. You will have to contact your local post office for any and all lost orders that did not arrive. If you receive do not receive your or but they post office said you did, you will have to contact them directly. We can not contact them on your behalf.

***Any and all mail being delivered by USPS and backed up drastically. Please take this into consideration before placing your order. Also please ensure your address is correct before you purchase because once it’s shipped, the package is out of our control. If your package is returned to us for any reason, you will have five days to pay yo have the item reshipped or item will be restocked for sale and you will be charged a restocking fee.


Please feel free to message any and all questions, comments and or concerns to us @ Haveyouhadthepleasure@gmail.com




Are you products made with nut/fruit oils?

A: Yes. Several of our products are made with various nut oils. So it is our recommendation that you don't purchase if you have or care for someone with nut/fruit allergies.

What are you products made with?

Our products are made with a wide assortment of carrier oils(grape seed, almond, coconut, etc) along with fragrance and or essential oils. 

Do you give refunds?

A: No, there are NO refunds, exchanges or returns. If product(s) arrive to you damaged while still in packing wrap, send an email immediately. If you have any other issue with your purchase, please contact us immediately.


Do you carry designer type fragrance oils?

A: Yes, we do carry a few designer type fragrances. 

Do you recommend conducting a skin test?

A. Yes. Absolutely.


How long will products last? 

A: Up to 1 year for the body oils. Six to eight months for the whipped oils, lotions and butters. Store all products in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.


Can you use our oil based products if pregnant and or nursing?!

A: It is strongly suggested that you consult with your physician first or don’t use at all.


When are products shipped?

A: Products are shipped between 2-4 business days of date purchased. 5-7 business days for lingerie. Not including holidays and or weekends. In that instance, shipping takes place the next business day.  


Are Whipped oils and lotions still available for purchase?

A: Yes, but due to a few melting issues, whipped oils are only offered if they are purchased locally until October and will only be offered in the winter months. If you’re local, email me to place order. 

What If I have allergies, can I still purchase your products?

A. Please contact us before you make any cosmetic purchase if you have ANY allergy and you still would like to purchase. Though we strongly suggest you do not purchase from us if you have any allergy.


Is there vitamin E in your products? 

A. Yes, most of my products are made with vitamin E.


Will prices always remain the same? 

A. Prices are subject to change based on material/ ingredient product availability. 


What happens when my once my order has shipped but still hasn’t arrived, is delayed and or I have been given multiple delivery dates?

A. Once your order has been shipped through the US mail or UPS and you are emailed your tracking number, I am no longer in control of your package. Though should an issue with shipping arises and you contact the store, we will do everything in our power to help you locate your package and or try to check for the delay in your receiving your order.


In what state is Have You Had The Pleasure Enterprises located? 

A. Have You Had The Pleasure Enterprises is located in Roseville Michigan. 


Does Naughty Scents deliver locally?

A. Yes! Naughty Scents delivers locally for a fee. Delivery depends upon your location. 

Is local pickup available? 

Yes, local pickup is available but at designated location only (location will be given when local pickup order is placed.) unless otherwise agreed upon.