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Unfulfilled Yearnings


When edible body boutique owner Nigeria Blake decides to return to her hometown of Detroit after moving away to escape pain from her past, her only intentions are only to expand her business, focus on her brand and make up for lost time with her family. The last thing Nigeria wants is any type of romantic or sexual entanglements to complicate her vision of continued success but when she unexpectedly finds herself eye to eye with her high school crush for the first time since junior year, almost ten years ago now, Nigeria can’t focus on anything but the way her unfulfilled yearnings are being constantly filled to the max with intensely erotic pleasure that he pumps her with almost daily. Will Nigeria be able to handle the effects of the way Quardier fills her days and nights with senseless unequivocally mind blowing bliss and possibly love or will this trip down memory lane only bring disaster and more pain...



Love or a permanent relationship was never a requirement for health food store owner, Quardier Harris. Content with fast women and convenient screws, wanting more from a temporary bed partner had never been a priority. Though the minute, Quardier lays eyes on his sexy childhood crush Nigeria Blake, the very things he wasn’t concerned with becomes the one thing he realizes that from her, he needs more than life itself. He quickly realizes that his newfound peace only flourishes in the unexpected happiness she adds to his life and vows to ensure his peace always remains. But is Nigeria ready to be kept in his passionate embrace or is she just passing through while taking pieces of his heart as a souvenir. Will Quardier’s realization be received with open arms, mirrored feelings of love and a future or will his declaration of love leave them both completely unfulfilled...

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