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Tongue Me Down (Book 2)

Tongue Me Down (Book 2)

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Terrified of her true feelings for Kawan, Brooke Mills feels it best to keep one foot out the door to save face, just in case, even though her heart is telling her to do everything but. She covers her scared heart with countless encounters of steamy sex, hoping to go on unnoticed for however long it takes to figure out what she wants. But when Kawan catches on quicker than she expects, Brooke must decide before she loses the only thing she's always wanted yet never had. Though before she even has the chance to ponder the next second, let alone love, chaos rules supreme and not even being tongued down by Kawan can heal the pain that's taken over her soul…or can it?!

Kawan Hawkins wasn't quick to admit it at first but now he knows exactly what he wants, and her name is Brooke Mills. Armed with everything he brings to the table; he tells her exactly that. Though when she doesn't respond quick enough to his liking to being his woman, he's furious and more determined than ever before to try to get her to understand that being his is the only thing that will soothe his restless soul and calm his raging heart. But when Kawan discovers that Brooke's been keeping a life-altering secret, will Kawan really be able to walk away from a love of the most intense kind or is his love for Brooke strong enough to survive the life he craves with her?!

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