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Shantay Anderson doesn’t loathe many people but if she had to appoint anyone to the number one spot on her practically nonexistent list, the name Harlem Demetri would instantly appear. From the moment Shantay first met the cocky, arrogant yet dangerously sexy man, she wanted to wring his neck but quiet as it’s kept, she wouldn’t mind him giving her a ride while doing so. The fact that he would be her boss for the next two months only enraged her urge to feel his pulse beneath her fingertips even more.

Though, annoyingly so, since Harlem excites her in ways that she refuses to admit to anyone, especially herself, his neck isn’t the only thing she wants to feel pulsating beneath her fingers. It isn’t long before Shantay finds herself so deep inside a game of seduction that she has no choice but to surrender to the depths of pleasure that threaten to swallow her whole. Is it game on or game over in one of the most dangerous games of lust and seduction, she’d ever play?

If it’s one thing Harlem Demetri knows without a shadow of a doubt, it’s women. Harlem loves women. He loves to study women and has perfected his craft of effortlessly seducing them to get whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. Harlem thrives off loveless, emotionless one night stands. His conversations with the opposite sex are always limited to the details of a good time and nothing more.

Though, the minute the sassy, mouthy Shantay crosses his path, things take an interesting turn. One that he quickly realizes leaves him thirsty for her touch and the way she tastes. What happens when the throngs of endless women no longer hold his attention because of the one that now unexpectedly has his undivided attention? Will Harlem be able to seduce the only woman he wants to slide his pleasure laced tongue deep in, right where he wants her or will the seducer find himself face to face with a tailor made karma, he so rightly deserves…

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