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Bianca Darling just hit the dirty thirty club and has decided that she’s done living a quiet, bland life. Especially when it comes to sex. After going without having her sexual appetite fulfilled for so long and at times, struggling with her confidence thanks to an ex, she’s ready to set off the third week of her thirties with a really big bang. So when her best friend suggests a short bucket list of things to help her come out of her shell, Bianca jumps at the chance to explore her unknown desires. Excited, she slips on her big girl thong as she prepares to get down and dirty. But before she could even follow through with the first item on her list, doubt has her ready to concede defeat and try again in her forties. Though, as luck would have it, she gets a little nudge from an unexpected piece of eye candy and suddenly, operation “Bring out the freak” is back on and he’s taken the wheel as she rides shotgun…and him. Will a walk on the wild side be the worst thing to ever happen to Bianca or will conquering the irresistibly adventurous new version of herself become the sweetest high she’s ever known…

Ever since the moment he met Bianca, Derulo St. James, wanted her. He’d developed this unexplainable craving for her that he didn’t know what to do with. Her smile and thighs alone had him hypnotized from their first encounter and everything in between captured his undivided attention. But because their careers sometimes allowed them to run in the same circles and even provide their services to the same clients, Derulo decided that due to the closeness of their careers and because Bianca just always seemed extremely preoccupied with her own thoughts, that it was in his best interest to steer clear of her. Though when a bizarre twist of fate lands them together on a warm summer night, desires are discovered and fed heavily night after night…after night. Derulo flips caution to the wind and doesn’t hesitate to fill Bianca with every single craving he’s ever had for her. Can a few wild nights in paradise lead to something real or will the ultimate high be forever out of his reach…

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