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The Red Room

The Red Room

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Mona Cartwright, the owner of The Soothing Touch massage parlor, is at her wits end when real estate mogul Carter Valentine threatens to make her life a living hell because she refuses to sell her business to his company, the Wellman’s group to be converted into a cafe. Though just when she begins to contemplate the pros and cons of accepting a buyout, she finds out that blackmail is on Carter's agenda and is completely distraught that he’d go to such great lengths to get his hands on her business. But when a brush of luck gives her the upper hand, Mona reverses the roles and begins to dish out a little deception of her own. She quickly concludes that it's time to teach Mr. Valentine a lesson in the Red Room that he'll never forget. But while watching as her plans of payback comes together from the sidelines, she discovers that she is wedged in the middle of a complex web of deception that goes deeper than she could've ever imagined…

When Carter Valentine walks into The Soothing Touch massage parlor, he's ready to play hardball with the owner and do whatever it takes to acquire the property of the subpar business. But the last thing he expects is to fall for the owner and her Red Room of seduction or ignore the fact that he is jeopardizing his company and millions of dollars if this deal goes awry. It doesn’t take long for Carter to begin rethinking his plan of blackmail and finding another way to get a hold of Mona’s business. But before he has the chance to weigh his options, he loses his only trump card against her and all Hell breaks loose. Time becomes more precious than ever in Carter’s quest to get a firm grasp on the downward spiraling mess he’s created. For fear of being exposed and their reputation ruined because of their tawdry mess of deeds in the Red Room, Carter and Mona come to the conclusion that maybe they should be working together to save both their businesses and quite possibly... their lives…

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