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Skye Holiday just wanted to be happy even though she had no idea what that was supposed to look like. There was no love and no love loss in her household growing up. It was the romance movies as a child and the love stories she kept her nose buried in as a teen and later as an adult that unknowingly fed her cravings for sensual pleasure and passionate love. Unfortunately, her adult life is anything but a fairytale, and just when she’s finally ready to accept her fate, things take a very naughty turn. One that leaves her licking her lips, but clueless as to how to proceed. Skye can’t figure out if all the holiday cheer is responsible for the newfound joy that sparked a dangerously attractive grouch of a man with the big delicious candy cane to blow her mind but she’s intrigued to get a peek at how often he can do it. As the world counts down to Christmas day, Skye counts the number of times this man has caused her to scream with joy and good cheer. Is being on the naughty list all it’s cracked up to be? Or will this Christmas be just another lonely, silent night with a glass of sugar cookie eggnog to drown her broken heart in…

Ezra Turner has always craved a love like his parents but after a devastating heartbreak left him struggling to find his footing again, he’d given up on that kind of happiness and settled for a life that excluded him from ever sacrificing his heart again. But fate is a funny thing though Ezra isn’t in a laughing mood and as a result, his decision to bury his emotions even deeper has caused him to wreak havoc when and where he sees fit. Unfortunately, Ezra picked the wrong woman to test on the right day and all hell breaks loose in a most seductive way.
Suddenly sliding deep into Skye and being near her triggers everything he never wanted to feel again. Very quickly he realizes that he can’t stay away from Skye even if his life depended on it. It officially becomes the season to get their freak on whenever they're in the same room together as the two give a whole new meaning to being on the naughty list. But with unchecked, resurfaced emotions and his strong dislike for the holiday season, how long before suppressed emotions explode and ruin what matters most? Will Christmas be one to remember for Ezra this year? Or has he doomed himself to a lonely Christmas and a life void of the only kind of love he’s ever wanted…

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