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Adina Payne never thought she’d ever be able to pull herself back together after her divorce. Understandably broken, she bolts from anything too serious and declares herself too difficult to love. It isn’t until Adina finds her soul slowly drowning in sadness with no escape in sight that she begins to desperately grasp for the broken pieces of her heart to make herself whole again.

With just enough courage to put one foot in front of the other, Adina hopes for the best. Just when progress seems futile, an unexpected night and an unexpected kiss provides her with an unmistakable view of love that threatens to plunge her deeper into her soul, where her heart awaits. Unsure of how to handle the sudden taste of forbidden fruit, she bolts again. But this time, Adina just may have good reason...

The instant attraction Caleb Towns had to Adina when they first met shocked him. Until that moment, he’d never experienced instant attraction to the extent he felt he had to have her or avoid her completely. Especially with how she was introduced, he knew chaos would appear without warning. Blown away, Caleb removes himself from Adina’s path as much as humanly possible. A chance run in years later initiates buried fantasies to resurface, and this time, allowing her to get away isn’t an option.

Not concerned with anything but going after the one woman he’s always wanted, Caleb will stop at nothing to win her heart. Only… someone else is out to shred it… and just might get to her first.

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