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Pleasure Filled Home/Office (warming) Burning Oils

Pleasure Filled Home/Office (warming) Burning Oils

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Indulge in pleasure filled days and nights of the best, most intense kind with our pleasure filled burning oils for any occasion. Use to make any room in your home or office smell deliciously pleasurable and amazing.


Directions: Place on flat, heat resistant surface, pour just a few drops burning oil into burner bowl and enjoy! Less is more. Burning oil is strongly scented. It is recommended that you only pour a few drops at a time.  (Avoid polished surfaces.) Always use a clean oil burner and clean before each use. 

Burning Oil Care: 


*Oil should always be used with suitable oil burner only. 
*Not intended for internal use. 
*Burning oils is not to be used anywhere on the skin. 
keep away from children, pets and drafts. 
*Avoid contact with eyes and broken skin. 
*Do not use/ pour oil over open flame.
*Store in a cool pace away from sunlight.
*Never leave oil burner unattended.

*If plate has dried do not add oil because bowl could possibly crack. Let it cool completely before adding the burning oil. You can add more oil to the burner if there is still oil in the bowl and the burner is plugged in. 

 *Available in 1oz screw cap glass bottles and 2oz dropper cap glass bottles. 

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