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Kamryn Pope isn’t the greatest when it comes to keeping her temper in check. While she can keep a cool head, for the most part, disrespect causes flare-ups that she hasn’t quite figured out how to tame. So when a situation arises with the sexiest man she’d ever laid eyes on, disrespects her, she doesn’t give herself a chance to think before she reacts. All that matters to Kamryn is making it crystal clear that a lack of respect and manners won’t be tolerated when crossing her path. Unfortunately, her hasty decision has left the sexy beast in complete control of her fate. From the jump, she’s pissed about the turn of events but understands that she has no one but herself to blame. Though with her instant physical attraction to him and the way her body begins to crave more and more of his presence, attention, and touch, what he presents to her is not only totally absurd, it intensifies her cravings for all things…him. The hot-headed beauty must now decide if she’s willing to agree to Marshon’s scandalous terms or risk the only future she desires more than anything in this world…


Before he ever even met her in person, Marshon Reed wanted to know all there was to know about the sexy Kamryn Pope. Her pictures instantly drew him to her beauty and her body. He wondered about the sensual vixen with sex appeal and seductive bedroom eyes, and he developed a craving for being granted the opportunity to get to know her beyond the surface. When he’s finally blessed with the pleasure of her presence, a situation arises due to her uncontrolled anger that needs to be addressed and handled immediately, Marshon comes up with the perfect plan. But Kamryn isn’t on the same page and doesn’t hesitate to let her position be known. But very quickly, her thoughts on the situation go in one ear and out the other as Marshon’s desire to feel her skin against his lips and her body against his own becomes the only position he’s interested in. Will Marshon budge on what he believes is a win-win for them both or will the terms of what he deems an acceptable payment, do more harm than good…

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