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Sukie Reynolds is done with all things love and very little like, thanks to the last man who decided to mishandle her heart. She’d rolled her last pair of snake eyes and decided that no strings attached sex and random hookups would be the only love she’d ever acknowledge again. Only before Sukie has a chance to test the waters of her new lifestyle things take a sensually breathless turn. A turn that not only leaves her satisfied in ways she never imagined but hopeful that maybe one last shot at love is still within her grasp. Between wild interludes of intimacy and stolen moments of genuine happiness, Sukie finds herself wrapped in August’s arms and deep between his sheets with her heart exposed. Has Sukie finally found love, or is the high she’s on just another heartbreak waiting to happen…


Until the day Sukie walked into his life, August Akee didn’t view love as a life goal. While lust kept his needs met with a variety of women, there was something about his instant intoxicating attraction to Sukie, and thoughts of making her body his personal pleasure playground had become the only view to keep his attention. That and the fact that she didn’t hesitate to match his nasty. Though it doesn't take August long to realize that his desire to care for and protect Sukie’s heart becomes just as important to him as making her scream his name. Determined to quiet her fears, kiss away her insecurities, and expose her to the kind of love and happiness he's sure she deserves, August is ready to give her the world. But in a world, full of vengeance and petty jealousy that runs decades deep, is love really in the cards for either of them…

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