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Author India T Norfleet



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For Qshauna Hampton, love doesn’t carry the same clutch on her heart that it once did. She thought she’d formed an unbreakable bond with a man who’d tied her soul to the kind of happiness she had no idea even existed. Noah Calavarie came into her life and seduced her so deep into a whirlwind erotic romance to the point that she didn’t know where he ended and she began. He loved on and catered to her effortlessly, constantly making her desire for him that much more urgent and intense. The anticipation for Noah alone could set her ablaze for days at a time, leaving her reeling in a high that left her drowning in pleasure. Noah could make the cheeks on her face and the ones below the waist of her plus-sized body blush and cause both sets of her lips to smile at any given moment. So when Noah blindsides Qshauna with heartbreak, stealing the only real relationship that ever fed her heart, she wants nothing else to do with Noah nor his charming, seductive ways. And changing her mind on the subject becomes next to impossible regardless of how badly Noah wants to right his wrongs and restore her faith in everything that used to make her smile. Will Qshauna give Noah the chance to redeem himself and restore her views on what being loved right truly means? Or has he damaged her heart so far beyond repair that unraveling the past becomes too much to handle, leaving her convinced that real love never existed in the first place?


From the moment Noah Calavarie met Qshauna Hampton, he knew she had been created just for him. She was his soul’s mate. She was everything he never knew he wanted. Or needed. Having never been a fan of love until she walked into his life, making her his became his only priority. Properly handling her heart, protecting her, and learning her love languages became second nature to him, and so had catering to her in ways that made her thighs clench and made her gushiness speak to him in a language that only he could understand. When instant, intense chemistry and intoxicating pleasure in and out of the bedroom leads to Noah and Qshauna jumping the broom, he is convinced they will thrive for years to come. But what happens when Noah’s predicted longevity suddenly comes to a screeching halt, and his untraditional path to happiness is suddenly destroyed by unhealed traumas and the exposed hidden jealousy of others? Will Noah be able to win back Qshauna’s heart and show her the love she deserves? Will he be able to reignite the undeniable passion that used to burn between them? Or will the love Noah once believed would untimely stand the test of time crumble right before his eyes as he loses the most phenomenal love he’d ever known?

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