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A’Marie Graham thought that she was officially on the road to living happily ever after, the minute she and Dominic got together. Unfortunately, nothing could’ve been further from the truth. In fact, no man had ever shattered her heart quite like he did. Her fairytale became a nightmare, far worse than any horror movie that Hollywood could ever have depicted. It was then that A’Marie decided to gather the few salvageable pieces of her broken heart that was left lying around, along with the little strength she could muster and moved on with her life. So when their paths crossed years later, AMarie demanded to know what fresh hell she’d fallen into. Despite trying to blatantly ignore the past, old feelings and good times began to resurface along with acts of unforgettable pleasure that Dominic branded to her soul. Pleasure that refused to be denied. A’Marie is more confused than ever and the uncertainty sends her mind, heart and soul barreling out of control. Quickly, A’Marie finds herself torn between a past that nearly broke her and the present that has her so lost in erotic bliss, she can’t seem to calm the ache between her thighs. Unless Dominic is the one caressing it away. Is pleasure temporarily blinding A’Marie right into another heartache or will it lead her back to the real life fairytale she’d always hungered for…

Dominic Gibson fell head over heels in love with A’Marie the first minute he laid eyes on her. Though thanks to intentional jealousy and his own fears and doubts, Dominic didn’t realize just how royally he’d screwed up until it was too late to make amends. He slipped into a sadness and misery he never would’ve expected, let alone had to endure. The years were some of the most brutally frustrating of his life.So when fate landed him back in front of the one woman he should’ve never allowed to slip through his fingers in the first place, Dominic takes it as a sign to fight, unfairly if need be, to win A’Marie’s heart again. All is fair in love and war, including making every inch of A’Marie beg for the kind of pleasure that only he could give her. Will the love he’s always had for A’Marie, and the hours upon hours of endless ecstasy be enough to grant him a second chance to right the only wrong that ever consumed him with regret. Or will the repercussions of Dominic’s reckless actions cost him immeasurable pain and the burden of a broken heart that will never heal…

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