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Author India T Norfleet



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Waist bead designer and plus size model Dutchess Livingston was attracted to Judah Calavarie from the first moment they met. But thanks to having to nurse one too many broken hearts, she wasn’t willing to be anything more than friends. Over the years, Dutchess felt like the bond they’d built was too precious to tamper with, so she suppressed her true feelings and never confessed her heart’s desire. It isn’t until years later that her attempt at screwing with his emotions one too many times backfires in ways she never would’ve imagined. Not only is her life and heart never the same after that moment, but the consequences of her actions set off a very shocking turn of events. Events that trigger a side of Judah she’d never seen before and isn’t sure how to handle. Events that, for the first time, led to her being kissed until she melted and receiving backshots she’d only fantasized about. Dutchess knew the minute they crossed that line that things would never go back to the way they were, but when drama unfolds and spins out of control, Dutchess wonders if she’d not only lost her best friend forever but just made the biggest mistake of her life…

Custom kicks and apparel artist Judah Calavarie has been in love with his best friend since their freshman year in college. The minute her smoky amber orbs found him, and he zeroed in on the rest of her fluffy frame, he had to have her. But Judah accepted her friendship without hesitation because it was the only relationship she was willing to put on the table. Judah figured having her as a friend was better than not having her at all.
Unfortunately for him, years of getting to know her only caused Judah to fall deep in love and even deeper in lust. Through the years, he doesn’t cross the line but is often tempted countless times to do so, especially when Dutchess makes it known that she gets a kick out of trying to make him blur that very line. Though annoyed, Judah disregards her taunting until she chooses the wrong day at the right time to trigger a hailstorm of emotionally charged pain and passion, for which he controls any way he sees fit. Not only does Judah make it his business to show Dutchess that her actions have consequences, but he does so in between backshots intended to steal her soul and missionary to get his hands around her heart. But in the storm's aftermath, where fury collides with reality and pain settles around them, harsh truths are exposed, and fears are realized. Will Judah still be holding his best friend’s hand when the storm clears, or will he walk away from the only woman he’s ever loved…
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