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Author India T Norfleet



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KaBrea Jamison’s secret attraction to Lukah Calavarie has had her in a chokehold for years. Her intense attraction to him leaves her swooning at every encounter with the handsome devil. But not even his exceptionally good looks nor her kinky fantasies of him could sway her decision to ignore his infamous playboy ways. So she continues to make it her business to keep a safe distance and a steel wall between them whenever they share the same space. Despite running in the same circles since their college days and some intense flirting whenever their paths cross, KaBrea manages to keep a tight hold on her yearnings. But what happens when she underestimates her supposed ironclad resistance and Lukah’s desire to give her a taste of what he knew she’d been missing? When one moment opens the floodgates to pleasure she never knew existed, will KaBrea fall victim to Lukah’s seduction and lose herself in the process, or will something unexpected and beautiful bloom from her deepest fears…

Lukah Calavarie would be the first to admit that he used to be a serial womanizer. Real bad. And he didn’t care who knew it. Because his views of loving and growing with one woman were soured long ago, he kept his heart locked in darkness. If the conversation wasn’t about ecstasy when it came to the opposite sex, he wasn’t interested. But even with his altered views on love, one woman still had the key to unlock the darkness. KaBrea Jamison. KaBrea was a dancing flame. One he tried to stay away from but couldn’t. Not even if his life depended on it. He knew she would change him. Which was why he loathed and appreciated the distance she kept between them. But now, as a grown man who knows exactly who and what he wants, nothing annoys him more. While Lukah knows otherwise, KaBrea isn’t convinced he can give her the love she deserves. Will Lukah be able to prove that he’s always been the man for her and that he knows exactly how to handle her heart now? Or will the only woman he’s ever craved walk away to keep hers safe…

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