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Jupiter Mills has tussled with love and relationships too many times to count and unfortunately she still has some of the scars to prove it. So when the one man she secretly yearns for, not only blows her mind with a confession but also ends up speaking to her body in a way that no other man ever held his kinda expertise in, she decides that a little naughty fun is the perfect distraction to take her mind off her failures. Quickly, Jupiter loses herself in a lust so reckless, her body’s betrayal becomes a normal response to his presence, in the most scandalous of ways. Erotic intoxication consumes her when she’s wrapped in his arms where she is constantly being taken to euphoria among the stars and planet she was named after. But what happens when lust isn’t enough to keep the one man that she now craves, and her heart becomes a requirement to maintain all the good lovin she’s been getting. Will Jupiter give love one more try or will her fears leave her more broken than she’s ever been before…

Stefan Burnett has always wanted one woman, Jupiter Mills. But he stepped aside early on to give her a chance to find a man that was better suited to give her the kind of love she deserved. Only problem was, the years never changed how he truly felt. So when Stefan finds himself back in her company years later with feelings stronger than ever for her, he decides that the games are over, or rather, had only just begun. The lust that develops in the process of his pursuit to show Jupiter that he’s the only man for her, is some of the most potent he’d ever encountered. But is it enough to crush the brick wall that she’d barricaded her battered heart behind? Will Jupiter be able to trust him with more than just her body and get her to take one final chance at love or will their reckless lust cause him far more pain than he ever thought possible…

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