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Ali Davis isn’t in the mood to play with love anymore. Too much time invested and twice as much heartbreak has left her completely against fairytales and happy endings. So when she decides to bury what’s left of her shattered heart for good, Ali doesn’t plan on a sexy lunatic entering her life and turning it into an endless coaster ride before she could proceed with her plan. Oddly enough, it becomes a ride that she’s enjoying every minute of. When things instantly go from wild to crazy, Ali hangs on tight and doesn’t hesitate to live in the moment. Unfortunately, by the time the realization of how strong the side effects of Sire Hawkins’ touch consumes her, the reality of history repeating itself terrifies her. Spinning around the depths of love’s clutches again has her more confused than ever. Being careful where she lands becomes the most critical move of her life, as she’s not sure how careful she can be with her heart now exposed. Will Ali be able to sort out her emotions in time and get the happy ending that she’s always craved, or did the revival of her belief in love again permanently damage what’s left of her heart…

From the moment he laid eyes on her, Sire Hawkins wanted Ali Davis. Even though he wanted to wring her neck fifteen minutes after meeting her, he couldn’t get his anger and frustration to last long enough to properly express it. Thanks to his instant attraction to her. What started out as an attempt to get even ended up turning into one intoxicating inferno of lust and passion. Before Sire knew it, Ali had him wrapped around her finger and hooked on everything about her sassy personality, sex appeal, and beauty. Sire doesn’t hesitate to make sure that there’s no misunderstanding about the way he’s feeling her, but when a situation arises that instantly douses their tumultuous flames of ecstasy, Sire wonders if it’s best to just leave well enough alone. Is Sire ready to do whatever it takes to get their blazing inferno ignited again, or did their once glowing flame just burn out for good…

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