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Convinced that her heart is in serious trouble thanks to how quick and hard she’s falling for August, Sukie is now more confused and frustrated about her feelings than ever. One minute she wants to follow her heart, and the next, she’s fighting to suppress all the emotions that are trying to grow from its existence. Between trying to process her feelings and her body’s response to August, the attempt on her life, revealed secrets, the emotional roller coaster she’s on feels as though it’s about to spiral right off the rails. And as if that isn’t enough to endure, taking her last breath just may have come sooner than she would’ve ever imagined. Will Sukie finally get to experience real love and build a life with the only man to match her in every way possible, or will Sukie’s dream of a real-life fairytale be ripped from her before it ever has a chance to begin…

August isn’t sure if he wants to embrace or deny his feelings for Sukie, but with his actions speaking so much louder than his words, he can’t help but wonder if accepting what he thinks his heart is trying to tell him would be much less hectic. He quickly realizes that the way he moves regarding her happiness and safety could only mean one thing. Though August isn’t so sure he’s ready to show his hand when the possibility of Sukie crushing his heart is still very much a reality. But with the way she makes him feel, how perfectly she matches his nasty, and how well they run it back at any given moment, August decides that letting his guard down may be the way to go. Especially when trying to function without her becomes impossible since he’s already claimed her as his world. Unfortunately, his realization couldn’t have come at a worst time as life suddenly takes an ugly turn, and every beat of Sukie's heart becomes more critical than the last. What matters most is made even clearer as he tries to rush the hands of a clock he’s never seen. Will August get to Sukie in time to save her, place his heart into her hands and trust that she’ll know exactly what to do with it, or will he arrive too little too late to hold her in his arms and admit to her what he’s always known…

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