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After counting down the days on her calendar to what she deemed her end of summer vacation, Willow Henderson hightails it out of work one scorching Thursday afternoon and doesn't stop moving until she's checked into her resort. Her only plan is to relax poolside with a drink in hand, a good book, and a towel boy sexy enough to give her wet dreams. Her plans change the second she crosses paths with the sexiest milk chocolate piece of man candy her eyes ever had the pleasure of being blessed with. Immediately things take a tantalizing turn into one of the most sizzling hot getaways she's ever experienced. While countless body to body encounters leave her spent, an unexpected storm rumbles in the distance that threatens to not only ruin her trip but also her chance at something much more special than she realized. Will this chance meeting in paradise result in something deeper or become a slowly fading memory of one of the best summers of her life?

Nebraska Conner has seen his share of sexy women, especially as the housekeeping director of an extremely popular resort. Though in all the years he's been employed at the Pier Key House, nothing prepares him for the stunning Willow Marlena Henderson from Detroit. From first glance, Nebraska knew he was in trouble. He didn't just want the pleasure of making Willow's acquaintance, Nebraska wanted permission and access to everything her swimsuit covered. And he set out to get just that. At some point along this journey, something unexpected happens that leaves him blown away. While he tries to figure out how to proceed, life throws him a curveball he never saw coming. Will Nebraska react in time with the right decision before it’s too late or will he hesitate and miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime?

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