Unapologetically Me!

Unapologetically Me!

I love that I’m more confident in my 🖊️ game now. Once I started to focus more on the story itself…more on how I wanted to tell it…no matter how uncensored…and less about whether my book would be received the way I thought it should…I realized that I developed a confidence that I’m so proud of. It took me over eight years to finally embrace it 😆but I got it.

I still don’t expect to be everyone’s cup of tea and honestly that was never my goal but to my tribe…man…they show me so much love! It truly keeps me going.

One of my best friends always reminds me to appreciate my success and my drive to keep going despite the rough patches I’ve had in this industry. I still have plenty of days where my doubts get the better of me…but I love what I do and it’s no greater feeling than discovering a tribe of ppl who view me as one of their fav authors! I love that for me!

The fact that ppl really eff with my pen game is unreal sometimes. Every time I doubt or downplay myself…ppl come thru like a mf for me with the support and love.

When I went to the BLP book signing event back in January, you couldn’t tell me that I’d probably sell no more than about 15-20 books(self doubt and self sabotage is a mf.) But a crazy thing happened, I not only had a line of ppl waiting to met me and buy my books but I sold out. Never would I’d have guessed that nothing like that would’ve happened to me.

Ppl really be excited to meet me and for real enjoy my work. Authors I never would’ve guessed…author’s that I got mad love and respect for show me love and actually read my books! It’s crazy!

I say all this to say…it’s okay to be confident in your beauty of your dreams♥️The people that got love for you are gonna always show up and show out every time…& beautiful things happen when you believe in yourself. ♥️Never stop believing in your own greatness ♥️
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