Slide In Deep ~TEASER!!

Slide In Deep ~TEASER!!



“Ezra, I see you don’ seriously lost your damn mind. You ain’t my man, you don’t put stipulations on who I can and can’t talk to, flirt with or fuck.”

“Yeah well,” He took another sip of his papaya juice before his gaze started riding her curves. “What if I wanna be yo’ man?”

“Tuh, please,” She smacked her lips as she headed toward the door. “You’re not serious and I don’t have time for whatever foolishness you on.”

“How the fuck you gon’ tell me how I feel, Skye?” He watched her ass and hips sway side to side across the room. 

“Just like I did, the fuck!” Skye smacked her lips and rolled her eyes in frustration. “I don’t have time to entertain ignorance on this fine day, though. I got work to do.” She turned back to face him as she stood at the door. “What would you like for lunch, Ezra?”

“You,” He poured himself another cup of juice and proceeded toward her. 

“Well, Skye  chuckled, “I ain’t on the damn menu. So again—”

“Aye,” Ezra moved around her and closed and locked the door. “Bend over right quick, we need to talk?” He slid his hands around her waist and guided her back toward the countertop. 

“Uh excuse me,” Skye giggled as both sets of her pussy lips began smiling. “Why I gotta bend over?” She asked as she licked her lips as Ezra began to unzip his slacks.

“‘Cause yo’ smart mouth ass listens better when I’m filling yo’ ass with long strokes of this dick. Now, bend ya’ pretty ass and hike one of them thick ass legs up on the counter so we can get an understanding.”




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