Sexual Compatibility

Sexual Compatibility

Hey Naughty Tribe,

So last night I was asked about my view on sexual compatibility. On a scale from 1-10, (ten being extremely important) how important is it to me. Well for me, it’s extremely important. My lover and I need to be compatible so their is no problem when or how often I want sex. If we aren’t on one accord I that area, problems will arise. Which is why it’s important to talking these things through in the beginning.

Only this is, in the beginning of a relationship a lot of times, the sex is off the chain. So there maybe no need to feel like sexual compatibility is an issue. Through once some time has passed, someone in the relationship may not want sex as much as they once did while the other person wants to fuck twice a day. There here comes the a shitload of problems. And I don’t necessarily mean cheating, divorce and or breakup, resentment, hatred and a host of other problems.

Some folks think it’s the woman who is on the no sex tip once the relationship has made its way through uncharted territory but the truth is, it’s not always the woman. Society is sex up to make you think that but often times, it’s the man who doesn’t want sex as often as he once day. The guys could go weeks without the pussy while the woman’s sexual peak and sexual appetite is causing her to crave sex three times a day.

Also, sexual compatibility is important because you will want to be on the same page when it come to what they want in the bedroom and how they want it. Threesomes, orgies, ass eating, pussy eating, sex toys, bondage. Etc. You have to make sure you’re covering the entire surface of sexual compatibility so you’re not in for any unwanted suprises.


So just may sure whoever you’re screwing that if it goes beyond that, you find out if that are only the same vibe you’re on. And not just sexually...

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