Sex In Public & Outdoors

Sex In Public & Outdoors

Hey Naughty Tribe,


So I was asked what my views were about sex outdoors and in public. Am I for it or against it.  Baby listen, I’m always for sex. Period. The fact that it’s outside or in a public place only heightens my sexual pleasure. I’ll toot my ass up in a minute to get what my body craves. I want what I want and I need it when I need it. There’s just something about a touch in public or a quickie in the bathroom or on a bench at the park or in a parked car or up against a tree at the on the river.
I’m not stranger to public pleasure and outdoors  romps. And enjoyed every fucking moment of it. I will say though, that you gotta be care to avoid indecent exposure tickets and environmental hazards that will harm you. And also germs and voyeurs who bust nuts from your pleasure unless you into that type of thing!

Other than that, I say ride that nut wherever, whenever and however. And don’t be afraid to bring toys in on the action, dessert toppings and body paint to go a step further in making your night unforgettable in every way. Shit, if you’re gonna screw outside or in public, make it memorable and make it worth it!

It if’s as good as its supposed to be, you’ll remember the night you fucked outdoors and in public for a lifetime. And you’ll have see dreams about your adventures and every night.

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