Ride It Slow (Sneak Peek) unedited

Ride It Slow (Sneak Peek) unedited

“So you ain’t out here just lookin’ for a quick fuck then huh?

Well, no but I ain’t opposed to one from time to time. Shit, I stay horny. And my vibrations and dildos don’t always get me off the way I need. Hell, plastic could never take the place of a real dick for me. Especially if it’s the length and thickness I prefer. And the owner knows exactly how to use it,” Blushing, she couldn’t help but chuckle as she glanced down at Legend’s dick.

Hey, don’t start shit you can’t finish. We still technically ain’t fucked yet. Don’t get bent over on a bench or up against a fence somewhere. My dick stay brick solid now because of you. Shit I’m hard right now just listening to your voice and being next to you. Crazy too because I’ve never been horny just off some mental shit. I bust nuts every night thinkin’ ‘bout you.”

Mmmmm, tell me about it. I’m goin’ through the same thing.

Damn. You fuckin’ wit’ me like that? You want me like that Juicy,” Laughing he wrapped his arm around her and licked her lips.

Smiling, she licked him back and winked. You already know I do so cut out the foolishness. You seduced me at a voyeur show, ate my pussy, made me cum harder than I ever had in my life and made me squirt for the first time and you had me so horny I sucked yo’ dick in public and was ready to give you the pussy too but you stopped me,” she laughed as she shyly covered her cheeks. “So, I’d say, I’m fuckin’ with you just like that.”

“Fuckin’ wit’ you is a huge fuckin’ turn on Juicy. That shit is like a high for me to see you want me to the point where you beggin’ and screamin’ for the dick,” he licked the side of her neck and began caressing her nipple closest to him. He hesitantly removed his hands from her body. I also wanted your first time with me to be in a bed or a house period. Cause as fuckin’ wet as yo pussy gets for me, I know once I slide up in you. I won’t be able to stop until I nut. So I was trying to just keep us both horny for each other. But fuck all that now. I don’t know where you gone get this dick but I’m sliding in you as soon as the chance presents itself. So watch how you bend over in front of me, how you sit and where you touch me, cause my nut is ready to fucking explode.

Good to know. I been feenin’ for quite some time.

How long is quite some time?” he asked with a grin.

I’ll answer that after you answer a couple questions for me first Mr. Reigns.”

Alright, shoot. He clapped his hands together and urged her to continue.

Why are 𝑦𝑜𝑢 single Legend? And that really better be yo’ status for real,” Sherae glanced his way and faked to frown.

I’m single for real, not just social media single. And I’m single because I wanna be. Relationships aren’t my thing. I just wanna fuck. Ain’t interested in shit else. Well, I wasn’t until you. I used to always want to find that one woman and settle down with but man, some of the women I’ve ran into just made be rethink my views. It’s gone take a rare ass woman to handle me anyway though. Physically, emotionally and mentally but I’ve just seen love hurt more people than it’s helped. I’ve just been tryin’ to steer clear until I was sure, I’d found the right woman that I know without a shadow of a doubt is supposed to be by my side.

So when you say you want me, what does that mean exactly? And how do you know that I’m that woman?” she held her thumb to herself in question.

Exactly what I said. And I don’t know. I feel like you could be.”

But you said—"

That doesn’t apply to you. Some different shit is happenin’ between us.” he waved his hand in gesture between them.

Oh I see, you’re a launtic.” Sherae chuckled with a nod.

No, just a realist. Beside you don’t count. You’re the exception to the rule. If shit pop off with you, cool! You're rare. I can tell but you carry a lot of pain in your eyes. So I figure you’d just want me around for sex at best. Especially wit’ how you always down playin’ our connection. If all you tryin’ to give up is sex, I’d be crazy not to be down to take yo’ ass for rides on my dick.

“Ah, I see. she smiled.

Aye, I’m only being honest. Love hasn’t been in the cards for me for a minute but maybe one day I might get dealt a new hand.

At least you’re keepin’ an open mind,” she teased with a smirk.

It’s life. Might as well. Only got this one life. Experiencing it may be the chance of a lifetime. Hell, if I can get my hands on that one in a million-type love before God opens up the sky, I’ll actually feel like I’ve accomplished something really genuine in this life.

I couldn’t agree more.

We got a lot in common Juicy.

So we do,” she reguarded him with a smile. We made it. What do you wanna grab first?

Whatever you want, I got you.” Legend said as the two neared the entrance.

Does that include stuffed animals and gift shop purchases,” Sherae asked as she stopped long enough to tie her shoes before she stood and grab her cell from her back.

She took a quick picture, placed it back into her bag and resumed their walk.  The whole time, she never noticed the way Legend licked his lips as his eyes roamed her body or the deep low growl that slipped from his lips and the frown that followed.

Whatever you want, you get.

Uh, I wanna grab my candy apple and cotton candy first,” Sherae turned to him with a smile. Wanna split a corn dog and a twister fries with me?

Yeah, I haven’t eaten anything all day,” Legend licked his lips as he locked eyes with Sherae. I’m starving.

Alright then, I might have to bring you with me when I step out more often.” She teased with a playful grin.

I’m all for it but you gon’ be pissed every time we go out.


Grave concern gave Sherae goosebumps as she watched his expression go from happy and playful to pissed the fuck off.

Cause I’m gon’ fuck you in public Sherae. Didn’t I tell you not to wear a thong around me again?

“Is that why you’re irritated? Shit, I forgot I had it on. But you not fuckin’ at this carnival Legend. So you may as well get that shit outta yo’ head.” Sherae stopped mid stride, turned to him with her hands on her hips and annoyance on her face.

The hell we ain’t. I warned you Sherae.

Okay I thought you were playin,” She hunched her shoulders with a scowl. “We are not fuckin’ at this—"

Legend was done listening. His dick was too angry and solid to care about whatever the hell else she was saying. Not that it mattered. Seeing her in a thong took his sexual energy into override. His need to slip through the velvety, soaked softness was too strong to resist anymore. So he grabbed her, picked her up and dashed into a big black and brown employee only shed along their route to the right.

Put me down Legend before yo’ dick get us thrown in jail.Laughing, she tried to wiggle free from his embrace, but he only tightened his grasp on her and covered her mouth until he got to the door.

Quit stressin, everything is gon’ be fine. I gotta fuck you though, now.” he said as he looked into the window and around for cameras before he opened the door.

Well let’s just go back to my place then,” she tried to reason as he carried her inside.

Nope, no time,” he explained as he placed her on her feet and glanced around while still grasping her hand. Thankfully nobody was in the large room that was a cross between a den and small kitchen. Come on back here. One of these rooms is probably a bedroom.

Legend, I don’t like this. There is a time and place for this. This moment is neither.

I know but you will in a minute.” he said as he rushed to the back while looking over his shoulder. Moving toward the first door, he opened it. Shit a bathroom. Moving onto the next, he opened a small food pastry with only enough room for one person to enter at a time.

See no luck, so let’s just—"

Bingo, get your ass in here,” laughing he pulled Sherae into the walk-in closet and closed the door.

Pinning her against the wall in the back of the closet, he raised her skirt, ripped her thong, freed his dick from his jeans and slide into her. She was so wet, he slid in fast and hard. That first thrust sent Sherae spinning through orgasmic orbits. Her soft and stifled moan were the only way she could express the unexplainable pleasure. Each drilling, rolling thrust he fed her as she held on tight to Legend’s back and waist took her closer to an ecstasy she didn’t know was even a feeling. This was a stroke she knew she’d become addicted to.

Yessss, Legend. Fuck, I wanna cum but I don’t. I need this fuckin’ feelin’ to last forever.

The way he had her positioned gave her easy access to her G-spot and he was hitting in perfectly. Her entire body burned with pleasure.

You gon’ learn real quick about wearing skirts and dresses around me Juicy. Especially when you got a thong on underneath. Stop wearing them around me and think you ain’t gon’ get this dick.”




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