Plunge Deeper Sneak Peek!

Plunge Deeper Sneak Peek!

Plunge Deeper (sneak peek! Unedited…) 

See, I thought you were different. But I guess all you Towns boys are all shady, shit headed, slick talkin’ ass niggas. I mean, because why the hell else would you not accept my damn apology and imply that I was behaving like a fucking child?Adina yelled as she pushed past Caleb, stormed inside his home,and polished off the rest of his pop.

She was too pissed to compliment his home, but it was hard to ignore that she was in awe. His home was huge. She guessed that it was at least three or more bedrooms. The open floor planwas a complement to the black and white decor. The marble flooring and countertops were stunning. Silver accessories, appliances, and fixtures enhanced the beauty of his space even more. She felt as if she’d just stepped into the lobby of a high-end hotel instead of someone’s home.

With a deep chuckle, Caleb closed the door, fetched another drink and cup from the kitchen, and joined Adina on the couch.He opened the box of half-eaten pizza and offered her a slice. She hesitated for only a moment before she grabbed a napkin from the table and accepted the piece she wanted.

Hello. Caleb finally decided to acknowledge her, though he wasn’t sure how long he was going to be able to do that and ignore what her nearness was doing to him. He was disturbed somewhat by the rawness of just how bad he wanted this woman.

Hi.” Adina rolled her eyes. A smile appeared and disappeared on her face so fast, Caleb wondered if hed imagined it.

That blue jean skirt you got on is fuckin sexy, and the perfume or whatever you got on is making me horny. Watch all that attitude around me. Im tempted to fuck it outta you.” He leaned over toward Adina and spoke lowly before handing her the fresh ice that hed filled with pineapple pop.

Adina gulped hard before a small, genuine smile tickled the corners of her mouth. Thanks!

“No problem.”

The fact that he wasnt willing to argue with her annoyedthe hell out of her but also oddly aroused her in a way she’d never experienced before. With a short nod, Adina sat, ate, and enjoyed the movie. Nearly two hours later, their feature ended.

“That was pretty good.

Yeah, it was, but you were definitely more interesting.Caleb licked his lips while rubbing the back of his neck as he forced himself to try and think of anything other than how wet her pussy must get when she was aroused.

Shit, I cant tell. Not with the way you been treating me,”she said as she scooted back against the couch and scrunched her face up into a smirk and a frown.

I ain’t treated you no kinda way yet, but don’t worry. I’m bout to treat yo’ spoiled behind exactly how you want me to, real soon. You expect a man to fall to your every whim. And as well you should, but not when you don’t deserve it. You been so in yo feelings that I kissed you till you got yo’ guard up for no reason. I ain’t the one that hurt you, Adina, nor am I tryin’ to do anything to you but kiss you again and make you cum. So let go of whatever resentment you have because of O, and give me a chance to earn your time and perhaps something more.

I dont know that I can give you that when you knew—”

Adina, it wasnt my place. Damn.

Guess you didnt think you were wrong after all though,huh?She sucked her teeth and nodded in irritation. So much for that fake ass attempt at trying to be genuine.”

You know that shit wasn’t fake Adina, and I’m glad I ain’t accept that weak ass apology. Ain’t nobody tell you to marry O anyway.

I beg your fucking pardon. I cant believe you really have the nerve to turn all this around on me as if Im at fault!” she said as she jumped up, dropped her pizza, and started toward the door.

Is it your fault. The fuck? Adina, you knew my brother wasnt shit, but you still married him.

Oh, so it’s myyyyyyyy fault Orlando treated me like shit?she asked as she twirled on her toes and pointed to her chest,completely stunned. 

Nah. Its yo fault that you accepted it. He chuckled at her dramatic display to drive her point home.  

Caleb, how the fuck would I have known and—”

Adina, goddamn it, this arguing shit is for the birds. Id rather spend my time learning what makes you moan the loudest as you scream for me to go deeper. I see you aint been gettinfucked the way you should, cause if you had, you’d be too exhausted and barely have the energy reserved for all this bullshit. Now, whether I shouldve told you anything or not, Orlando fucked over you, I didnt. The sooner you accept that, the quicker we can move on, he said after releasing a frustrated breath, after which he was on his feet and making his way into the kitchen for something stronger to drink.

What if I cant move on, Caleb? Adina asked just above a whisper as she lowered her head slightly. She was embarrassed that she’d allowed Orlando and so many other men to make her feel that she didn’t deserve to be loved.

You gon have to. You aint got no other choice,” he tossed over his shoulder. Im not about to deal with that shit with you as my woman.

But I didnt ask to be your woman, Caleb. Adina was quick to clarify with a sarcastic grin as she rolled her eyes. Besides, we wouldn’t work. You are too damn cocky and got too much audacity.

Im gon bend you over this couch in a minute and show you what I got too much of, Adina,he said as he approached her with amber liquid in his glass and a sexy gaze to match. “And you didnt have to. Its written all over your face, baby.

Whatever. Youre nuts. Im outta here, she mumbled between blushes and giggles.

Caleb caught her by the waist with his free hand before she could take another step. Why you so scared to be around me,Adina?”

Who said I was scared to be around you, and what do I have to be scared of? she asked while trying to keep from laughing at his low key arrogance.

“Plenty. The way I make that heartbeat pound between yothighs for one. Scared of the excitement you feel just looking at me and sharing the same space with me. Of the way I’ll eventually make you heart feel. You think it’s best to deny yourself so you don’t feel bad, but you ain’t got ain’t got shit to feel bad about. Being scared of the way I’m gonna protect yoheart and fill yo pussy with my dick and tongue should fucking terrify you. Cause you ain’t never experienced the kinda fuckinand lovin I’m gon put on you. Im not about to let you get away this time though.

Caleb I

The rest of Adinas words melted on Calebs tongue as he hooked his index finger under her chin and brought her face to face with him. She was rendered temporarily immobile as Caleb’s eyes held hers and kissed her so deep his lips caress her soul. Her worries and fears immediately went silent as he replaced them with anticipation, hope, peace, and a sexual satisfaction that curled her toes, made her spine dance and her clit to cartwheels at the same time. As he continued to crush his lips to hers, Caleb made sure she felt every flick of his tongueand every groove of his upper and lower lips and his teeth as he tugged gently and sucked on her soft flesh. Sampling her sweetness had him craving to slide his tongue between her thighs.

His dick strained against his zipper, fighting to be released,and he was ready to set him free.

Adina, my control is slipping. I wanna suck the cum outta yo pussy and make you squirt and cum on my dick so many times you slip into the clouds before surrendering every inch of your body to me. If you knew of the extent I wanted you, youwouldn’t have brought yo ass over here wit’ all that fuckin’ attitude. I want you bad. He breathed heavily and urgently against Adinas lips as he ran his hand down the small of her back and across her ass. He was hungry for what she’d deemed forbidden and didn’t give two fucks about who had anything to say about it.

How bad?” she asked as moans of desire and anticipation slipped from between her lips. Her words were as thick as his dick. Raw, greedy desire swirled through her belly. Lust consumed her as her body begged for his closeness and the addictively intense strokes of the way his fingers caressed her skin.

Bad enough to tie you to my bed and make you cum so many times, you’ll never let another nigga touch you or touch yourself without my permission ever again.

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