More & More Sneak Peek

More & More Sneak Peek

“The fuck is you beating my damn bell up and banging on my gotdamn door like you the fucking police? The fuck is wrong wit’ you?”

Kamryn swallowed as her stare immediately went from annoyed to lustful while proceeding to travel down his body before stopping at his dick. Marshon’s lips curled into a grin when Kamryn sucked in a breath, then slipped her bottom lip between her teeth and bit down gently on the cushy skin there.

“I-I uh think my wallet is in your house somewhere. It must’ve fallen out of my pocket while I was cleaning. I’m sorry to knock like I did but I need my shit and you weren’t—”

“Nah,” He leaned against the door as his gaze traveled the length of her sexy ass legs in appreciation. He licked his lips as he imagined them long thick thangs wrapped around his face. “You ain’t left no wallet here. I woulda seen that shit while I was cleaning up all the glass that was shattered all over the fucking floor from the gotdamn doors you broke.”

“Well, if you hadn’t—”

Marshon turned around and walked off while she was still talking.

Jesus, please give me the strength not to murder this nigga. “Can I check for my shit or not?” You rude muthafucka?! Kamryn called to his retreating back.

“Yeah, come on girl. Look for yo’ shit. You got about five minutes then yo’ gon’ have to get the fuck out.”

Biting her tongue, she rolled her eyes as she retraced her steps from earlier. Because she’d only gotten as far as the kitchen before Marshon came in acting a fucking fool, she knew it had to be somewhere in the living or dining room. As she searched under and on top of every surface she prayed it was there. If she’d dropped it outside of Starbucks or the post office this morning, she was gonna cry like a newborn baby. After a few minutes and no luck, she headed back toward the door feeling defeated.

“Thanks, but I guess it isn’t here. I—”

“This yo’ shit? Marshon held up a vintage coach wallet and waved it in the air.

Narrowing her eyes at him, Kamryn popped her hands on her hips as she released a frustrated breath. “How long have you been just sitting your ignoring ass right there with my wallet?”

“‘Bout as long as you been lookin’ for it. I didn’t really think you left it here until I saw it sticking out the side of the recliner when I went to sit down.”

Smacking her lips, Kamryn took off toward him as she popped off at the mouth. “Why you ain’t say shit, you ignoring muthafuckin’ bic—”

He moved the wallet to his other hand just as she tried to snatch it from him. “What I tell you about calling me a bitch, Kamryn?” He switched the wallet back to his other hand. “You just dying to get hemmed up and put in yo’ muthafuckin’ place, huh?”

“Just give me my shit and I can—”

“You keep moving yo’ pussy so close to my gotdamn face and I’mma slide the wet muthafucka in my mouth.”

Immediately she stopped reaching and tried to back away but before she could, Marshon pulled her into his lap. He lowered his head to her chest and inhaled her scent as he finally handed her her wallet. Quickly, she snatched it from his grasp and tried to hop out of his lap but he held her there, positioned sideways, purposely making sure she felt every inch of what she was doing to his dick. She wiggled around in his lap like she was trying to get comfortable but really she was just enjoying the feel of the way his dick moved underneath her.

“Let me go Marshon, this is—”

“Why you so fuckin’ pissed off?” He grazed his fingers down her left thigh and smiled when he heard the subtle sound of her breaths quicken.

“Why are you so gotdamn rude?” Kamryn shot back as she made the mistake of glancing into his eyes before quickly looking elsewhere.

Fuck! Why is this nigga so fucking fine and how is he making my pussy so wet? Whew, his dick feels so gotdamn good against my ass.

“I’m asking the questions, Kamryn.” Marshon’s hand slid between her inner thighs and began to graze the skin there.

“I don’t give a fuck what—”

Marshon’s lips were on hers, happily forcing her to swallow whatever smart shit she wanted to say. Her moans as he slipped his tongue between her lips and mated so urgently with her nearly drove them both insane. She loved the feel of his lips. The way he kissed her back was thoroughly mind-blowing.

Kamryn’s hands immediately cradled his cheek and the side of his head when he deepened the kiss. Marshon’s hand slid under the short-ass mini skirt she had on, parted her thighs, and slipped a finger inside of her while his thumb took to her clit. He’d just started caressing her soaked clit and G-spot when he felt her shake and cum all over his fingers. Her strangled moan caused her to smile against his lips as he kissed her once more before he removed his hand from between her thighs and sucked her cum from his fingers.

“Gotdamn Kamryn, no wonder you so mad, yo’ lil’ horny ass ain’t getting enough dick in ya’ diet on the regular. You just came quick as fuck too.”

Embarrassed as shit, Kamryn lowered her gaze to the ground as she tucked her wallet under her arm, jumped up out of Marshon’s lap, and ran out the door.

Hearing his laughter in the distance as she flew to her ride, caused tears to trickle from her eyes. As if she wasn’t already embarrassed enough that she’d just cum from him touching her pussy, he just had to further make her look like a fucking fool by making fun of her. She wanted to crawl under a fucking rock and die. Not only did she loathe Marshon Reed but she never wanted to see the insensitive piece of shit again.


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