July Offerings

July Offerings

Hey Naughty tribe,

So we’re officially on the second day of a new beginning! July is here and more gorgeous than ever because I’ve taken chances more than ever before! Life is short and I want to make the most of mine. My goal in life is just to appreciate and enjoy every opportunity the good LORD blesses me with!

I’m coming up on one month in my scent line and one week into my lingerie line! I’m over the moon with joy right now! I never expected to me here, doing what I love! I’m actually my own boss for the second and third time around  and it feels amazing! It’s hella hard work but it’s so rewarding!

I’ve got a ton of great thinking in store for the present and future and I can’t wait to share all of these new things with you all! My dope energy and creative light right now is on a million. I’m literately blessed beyond my wildest dream! Be careful what you ask God for, because babeeee listen...HE will deliver in ways you never ever dreamed when HE feels the time is right!

So to those of you who are thinking about seizing whatever opportunity you’ve been praying for, keep at it and don’t lose hope because HE is definitely listening! And HE’s getting your blessings ready for you! To all of my supporters of my companies, your support means the entire world to me. Thank you for the endless love of The Naughty Novelist! And don’t forget to stay tuned for all of the wonderfully naughty things I’ve got in store for you!!!

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