It's Always Been Gushy (Sneak Peek #1)

It's Always Been Gushy (Sneak Peek #1)



“Listen, Noah,” Qshauna began as she nervously tilted her head slightly and smoothed a hand down the front of her dress. “I don’t owe you an explanation for why I’m here, but Bre and Dutch asked me to come out tonight and—”

“Why come over here and attempt to give me one then?” he asked as he slipped his hands in his pockets. His seductive orbs glistened with amusement as they danced up and down her sexy, fluffy ass body.

Qshauna tried so hard not to roll her eyes, but the act seemed to become second nature where Noah was concerned. “I didn’t attempt to do any such thing. I just didn’t want you to think I was being intentionally vindictive by showing up without your knowledge.”

“But weren’t you though?”

“Noah, I just said—”

“I heard the lie that left your lips, Q,” Noah held her stare until it became so heated that he had no choice but to break contact. “We both know how well I know you, both in and out of the bedroom. So don’t try to bullshit me. It’s insulting.”

“Wow, whatever you say, Noah. Be childish by your damn self. I don’t have time to entertain your delusional—”

“Qshauna, the whole point of your presence tonight was to entertain me. Or else you wouldn’t have strutted ya sexy hips in here in that sexy-ass dress. You also wouldn’t have worn anything red that especially melts to your curves or them fuckin’ fuck me pumps that are gracing your pretty ass feet ‘cause you know what seeing you in that shit does to me. Just admit that you’re trying to get my attention ‘cuz you want this dick.”

“Tuh,” she scoffed indignantly. “I’m not about to admit to shit that isn’t—”

“Do you really wanna play this game that you’ve initiated because you still in yo’ feelings about the dick you didn’t get, Shauna? Or are you ready to discuss shit like adults and take me back so I can bend you over?”

A sarcastic smile raised Qshauna's cheeks as she stood on her tippy toes, placed a hand on Noah’s chest, and whispered in his ear, “Let’s play, you arrogant bastard. And no, thanks. I don’t wanna be bent over that bad.”

“That wasn't yo’ position last night,” Noah placed a hand under her chin and slightly tilted her head to admire all the passion marks he’d placed all over her neck. “When I was putting all these hickeys all over you. They look absolutely fucking gorgeous on you.”

“Good thing I love to change positions often, huh,” she winked before quickly slapping his hand away so he wouldn’t feel the shiver that his touch caused to explore her body. “Besides, I’m sure more than a few men in here would love to bend me over. So don't worry about my pussy; I got her covered.”

“So you really wanna be responsible for these niggas blood on your hands? Cuz any one of these muthafuckas that try to go home with you ain’t gon’ make it.”

“That’s on you, Noah. Just do me a favor and let me cum first.” Qshauna said before a smirk eased across her face.

“If it ain’t my dick you cummin’ on, yo’ ass ain’t cummin’ tonight or any other night.”

Qshauna’s eyebrows rose in challenge as she sucked her tongue before a smirk tickled her lips. “Wanna bet?”

“I wanna make that puss—”

“Aht,” Qshauna held up a hand to stop his smart-ass remark. “That was rhetorical. Excuse me; I have better things to do with my time. You have a good night, though, Noah.”

Of the many things that caused Noah’s dick to happily stand at attention when it came to Qshauna, her smart-ass mouth oftentimes took center stage and left him wanting to bury dick in her for hours and hours and fucking hours on end. This time was no different. His concern with snatching her ass up and fucking the shit outta her in front of every muthafucka up in this bitch had no bearing on what little common sense he had. So grabbing her up and slipping his tongue between her lips while rubbing on her ass seemed like the most logical next step. Though before he could even grab her by her waist and pin her ass against a wall…


Coming soon! #staytuned…


(c) India T Norfleet

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