It Has Got To Be The Naughty for You!!

It Has Got To Be The Naughty for You!!

Hey Naughty Tribe,

Please my luvs...pretty please with whipped cream on top... remember that... while I write love stories they are erotic in nature. I write erotic romance/ love my books are going to have lots of sex in them. While there’s always a good ass plot...there will also always be explicit sex scenes.

I’m an erotic author and I’ve never tried to trick anyone into reading my work or make them believe otherwise. So if erotica isn’t, you’re thing, you may not enjoy my books. I get folks so upset wit me because of the sex. Telling me it’s too much...or saying one of my books was just full of sex or even wondering if I was I just horny that day! Lol.

Again...I write erotica and I write my sex scenes the way I do so you can feel yourself get lost in the moment. So you can picture that shit and wanna go get yo man/ woman and try that shit yourself!

I want it to be all that you think about. I want you to be like...wait a damn minute...I want you to get all hot and bothered. I want you to go make that dick/ pussy appointment to get you some of that shit you just read in my books!
If you pissed because I have too many sex scenes or my characters are having too much sex throughout the book or because screwing in public...or public places you don’t approve of, my books may not be for you.
Y’all mad at me about everythang... if it ain’t too much sex, it’s that they screwing in public or that the men are too aggressive...they are but they love hard and they mean what they

So if I’m writing a scene and dude say to his love interest to get up on the counter and bust it wide open. She better do it or he’s gon be petty and wait until she’s in public and make her pay for it! 

Listennnnnnnn... if you gon grab one of my books just gotta be the naughty for you!

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