Erotically Me

Erotically Me

I write erotica as a choice and I will NEVER apologize for it. I genuinely love what I do. I classify myself as an erotic romance writer but I've also been told my books fall under mystery, romance, thriller, suspense, crime, and several other categories. In one book, a woman refuses to date cops because cops killed her unarmed brother, in another one woman, is jealous of her cousin and tries to kill her. In another, a woman battles the after effects of verbal and mental abuse but no matter the plot there will be sex.Saying all that to say, everything I write isn't for everyone and I'm okay with that.

So if you don't read or enjoy erotica/sex PLEASE don't purchase my books! I would never go after anyone because someone doesn't like my work but smart comments under my posts, posts attacking my character because of what I write, telling ppl not to buy my books because of all the sex is not about to flyyyy!If you don't enjoy sex, ain't getting sexed properly or have never had an orgasm and hate me because of what I promote UNFRIEND/UNFOLLOW ME. I'm going to talk about the sex seminars, sex industry, sex classes, and anything else I like that has to do with sex. If that makes you uncomfortable please don't read my books, if you have a Christian and have a problem with what I write please don't read my books, if you feel I'm being overdramatic with the sex in my books, please don't read my books.

There is soooooo many women who have never had an orgasm, never squirted, and want to. So many women have never had there toes curled or, cum from a touch, a kiss or mental stimulation. So many women feel uncomfortable even talking about sex with other women. And the ones that aren't ashamed are bashed because of their sexuality. So many women feel sex is overrated because they have never EVER been satisfied.So many women are ashamed to ever read about sex or let anyone know they're reading a (sex book).

I like that my readers, like my sex scenes, take notes, ask me questions, want advice from me and all that. I promote sex and write to maintain...While I don't write to inform, I love that it creates a dialog for women to talk to each other about sex. I don't want women to be ashamed but to talk openly about sex.I want women to be comforable with who they are and no its nothing wrong with being a freak if that's what they want to be.

Its so many women who put other women down because they enjoy sex so much. And other women who don't even know what they want or the amount of pleasure they are capable of. Again I don't write to inform but if one of my readers can take away the fact that its okay to be who they are then so be it. But don't try to put me down because you have a problem with what I do.Cause for one I ain't gone stop and for two, DISRESPECT begets closing if sex isn't YOUR thing, pleaseee don't pick up my books and then attempt to come for me... And lastly, if you have a problem with my morning sex post, UNFRIEND ME, BLOCK ME AND FOR CHRIST SAKE...MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE!



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