Drownin’ In It: That Good Lovin Glow

Drownin’ In It: That Good Lovin Glow

"Zier, please baby. Don't do this to meeeeeee. I promise, if you just put the tip in-

"Ha, nice try Bliss but it ain't happening. Now the longer you play this game the more you gonna pay for it once I get your ass handcuffed to that bed in there. So you might want to stop being hardheaded and bring your sexy ass on." Zier laughed as he walked back toward the bedroom door.

"No, I'm not moving. I wanna fuck now!"

"So you not gone bring yo ass in here?" His dark green eyes demanded she give the right response.

"Ain't nothing wrong with yo hearing Zier. I'm not going in there until you give me what I want. Or you make me move." Bliss folded her arms and searched his eyes with sexual frustration, daring him to defy her.

"Fine." Zier turned around, removed it suit jacket, grabbed Bliss up in his arms and kissed her with a savageness so fucking intense, she could literally feel her pussy juices gushing down her thighs.

When he felt her knees wobbling as he held her, he let her go, unzipped her blood red satin strapless dress with the split up the center and let it fall to the floor. Ripping her black lace thong from between her soft thighs, he carried her over the the table that was connected to the edge of the patio, dropped down on his knees and deliberately, very slowly spread her soaken wet pussy lips open with his tongue.

"Zierrrrrrrrr! Fuck!" Her soft moans tormented him as he tightened his grasp around her hips and pulled her in deeper into his tongue.

Slowly but with extreme purpose, Zier took his time between gently sucking and licking every inch of her slippery wet lips and opening her up and swirling his tongue and softly tugging on her super sensitive clit. Her impatience grew to explosive proportions. She could feel Zier bringing her closer to the edge of the orgasm she'd been dying for since she walked in the door.

Waves of ecstasy begin to throb through her as she begin a steady grind against his face as Zier increased his tongue game to tenfold. Her breaths now came in long lingering moans. And just as Bliss felt her body slide into what she knew would be a tumultuous orgasm, Zier stopped, kissed her pussy lips, stood up and walked off.

"Zier, what the fuck? Where the hell are you going?" She was pissed. Her clit was fucking throbbing. She wanted more. She needed more. She needed to cum right now.

"Bliss, next time daddy tells you to do something, you do as you're told. But for now though, guess you just got to sit on that wet ass pussy and calm yo hot ass down. Since you wanted to be a smartass, you ain't cummin until you have my permission to...

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