Don’t Give Up

Don’t Give Up

Long testimony for anyone who needs to be encouraged keep chasin your dream🖤)

First make sure yo circle is solid & that you don’t have any one sided friendship goin on. I don’t have many friends these days...but the ones I have are solid ♥️ They pour into me & I pour into them! They give me the truth about me when I need to get my shit together & they do the same! (And boi... do they cut into me when I’m actin a fool but anyway that’s a conversation for another day.🤣)

Anywhoooo so...when I first launched my scent line last year, I knew I wanted to add candles to my line. I ordered everything I needed after I did the research and boom...I was just waiting on that Amazon truck to pull up. I was excited and couldn’t wait to get to work on these candles. Everything finally arrives and I’m ready to make magic right.

Unfortunately...I didn’t make nothing but a big ass mess. Now after all the research I did and trying constantly for one day mind you...I gave up. I was pissed. My candles had dents...sinkholes. The wick were on drugs🤣and I couldn’t smell the fragrance. So I was like screw it. No candles. I was so hurt but I had my mind made up that since I’d failed so bad, I was done. I never tried again but I did start making wax melts later that year and after a few tries, they came out perfect! ( They have gotten better with time and due to that fact that I’m always will to learn and improve.)

Anyway, one night(last year )my friend Annetta Gabrielle Hobson was like...If you can make was melts you can make candles India. I’m like nah I’ll never make another candle again. I’m done trying. That’s over, it didn’t work out. She accepted my response but would say something to me every now and again about me trying again...but I never tried again...

Last month, I ran out of wax for the melts and ended up purchasing a different kind because I got more for my money and it was supposed to be a better quality than what I had been using. So I’m al excited and whatnot ...until I get the wax and try to make the melts and it’s turns into an epic fail. So I’m pissed now. I had just purchased all this damn wax and couldn’t use it. It didn’t act right like my other wax. So I decided to put it up to give it away.

So this month I get some inquiries about making wax melts and I start thinking about the wax and how I gotta order more...even tho... I got a big ass big that I can’t use. I’m annoyed and just feeling ready to give up all over again...until something tells me to stop giving up so quick and go figure out why the wax didn’t work in the melts.

I hesitated but I finally did it. Come to find out there was nothing wrong with the wax, it was me. I didn’t know what I had and because it was a totally different wax, the same rules didn’t apply. Now with this revelation, I decided to try again and this time the melts come out perfect. Now...I’m back excited until I start letting negativity creep back in about my business. Anyway, I fall asleep in my feelings and that was that.

The next morning, I go on Instagram to respond to a message and see this chick’s candles on my feed. They’re beautiful. While I’m looking...I’m thinking about my candle disaster. Then out of nowhere I hear my friends voice in my head again tell me that if I can make melts...I can make candles. Then right after that, something said get up now and go try to make the candles again. I’m like nah, I’m good. But then I hear it again and this time I get up and try again and I be damned...I made candles!

I was so proud of myself! I’m still smiling. Below are the candles I made. Note some of the imperfections(I’m so damn proud of those imperfections.)....because I did that! I just need to perfect my process before I add them to my site. Once they set, I lit the one below and wanted to freaking cry!

Most of my life, I’ve conditioned myself to accept the worst so the blow would hurt ass much as a way to protect myself. So if something doesn’t work out for me the first time wether it’s ppl or an obstacle or goal, I give up and walk away. And my ppl stay on me about how quickly I give up. With life, my writing and now my business. Now, had I kept trying last year, aint no telling where I’d be. Given up had only hurt me....

So please let this be a lesson to anyone who is chasing a dream, a goal or an accomplishment. No matter what kinda of obstacle you run into...don’t give up. Because we never really know just how close we are to our dreams🖤...before we give up! To anyone who needs to be encouraged tonight....don’t give up baby! You’re right there at it! Keep fighting for your dreams!

A’ight...I gotta go. I’m getting cursed out about this next book.🤣😜

PS if you read about a candle lady in a future book of mine...just mind ya business and keep reading 🤣






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