Arched & Waiting Sneak Peek

Arched & Waiting Sneak Peek

Arched & Waiting sneak peek (drops this week)


“I see you ain’t learn shit from how I had yo ass bent over yo’ desk yesterday, huh?” Lukah slid into the chair beside KaBrea and helped himself to her triple-layer pina colada. He placed the cup back into its holder and reclined his seat.

“Lukah, what the hell,” Facing him, KaBrea’s eyes ballooned with surprise and amusement as she laughed at his gotdamn audacity. “What in the entire hell are you doing here? How did you even know I was here?”

“I already told you what I do for a living, baby,” His eyes met hers as he reached into her lap and grabbed one of her pretzels. “I’m here cause you really thought yo’ fine ass was about to dismiss me in a text.

“Oh,” She nodded as a sarcastic chuckle tumbled from her lips. “So you are a legit psychopath.”

“Nah, well, I mean, I might be, but this ain’t that,” He hunched his shoulders at her assessment of him. “I needed to make a point. And since you only respond to dramatic shit, I had to get on yo’ level to show you how shit is finna be.”

“Well, cornering me in the middle of a movie theater wasn’t the smartest way to go about—”

“It’s the perfect way, actually,” Lukah leaned over, caught her ear lobe between his teeth, and bit down with mild pressure. Soon as the moan Lukah wanted her to release caressed his ears; he slipped a hand under her shirt to caress her breasts, then whispered, “Since you hurt a nigga’s feelings, I’mma need you to wet my dick up right now, then you gon’ go home with me and we gon talk while you wet it up again.” Lukah freed his dick from his pants and started stroking that beautiful dick of his.

KaBrea just fucking loved when he did that shit. There was something about the way he gripped that big muthafucka that just made her wanna burn all her panties and wear nothing but skirts and dresses. Smiling, she swallowed the piece of pretzel she was chewing and gulped hard as her eyes darted around the room. Four other couples were in the theater with them, and they were all seated down toward the front. Although chills of desire danced all over her skin, she was not sold on fucking in the movies.

“Why don’t we leave and go fuck at my place, Lukah,” KaBrea attempted to reason with him, even though something told her that he wasn’t trying to hear shit about going anywhere else at the moment. “It’s closer and—”

Lukah reached over, slid a hand around her neck, and crashed his lips against hers. The kiss was deep, passionate, and urgent as he slipped his tongue between her lips and tussled with her tongue before he finally let her breathe. “KaBrea, get up. Now!” He spoke firmly but with a gentleness that was growing on her.

Raking a hand through her hair, KaBrea tucked her bottom lip between her teeth as she placed her tray in the seat next to her, stood, and faced him.

Lukah’s dick started jumping and bouncing as he moaned and raised the armrests on both sides of him and slid toward the center of the two seats. Sliding a hand between her thighs, he groaned at how wet her panties were before ripping them from her body. Stuffing them into his shirt pocket, Lukah guided her to him and helped position her over him.

“Remember when I said this my pussy now and that I’mma fuck you whenever and wherever,” He slammed all nine inches in her. She moaned and shook at the delicious intrusion. “I meant every fucking word.” He slid his hands around her ass and started kneading the fuck outta the soft muthafucka. Ride my muthafuckin’ dick, and don’t stop ‘til I tell you to.”

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