An Ode to the Hidden Sexual Black Goddess

An Ode to the Hidden Sexual Black Goddess

An Ode to the Hidden Sexual Black Goddess(Poem)©


Babe you are the ultimate experience.

The fantasy of a lifetime.

Dicks cum for you on demand with just a peek of that pretty pussy between your thick ass thighs.

Toss that shame in the fucking trash & cum take center stage.

Bounce that wet ass pussy far and wide, throw that ass in a circle, look back at and watch niggas go crazy.

Own your sexuality, celebrate the freak in you.

Toast to your boldness and be a beacon of light for other freaks to learn the power of positive pussy worship.

Twerk on a dick and don’t forget to work them pussy muscles.

Do that shit with pride and be as nasty as you wanna be.

The fuck is sexual repression?

Embrace being sexually free.

Spread them juicy, soaked pussy lips, slide all the way down on the dick.

Take them fuckin’ inches and show a muthafucka what them hips can do.

Let him feel the depth of the wetness you working with. 

Remember, Babe don’t do corners, so be as uncensored as you wanna be.

Make it a habit of being nasty and learn to freely explore all your freaky desires.

Cross lines of sexual repression with your head held high and your titties higher.

Walk proudly as the sexually free woman you are.

Give a big fuck you to those you judge you because they don’thave enough courage to fall in line beside you.

Be bad, be fucking naughty and be good as fuck at it.

You have no reason to be ashamed of getting your pussy ate in the middle of the afternoon.

Make those sexually repressed soccer moms blush while watchin’ you live from their living room.

Quit allowing muthafuckas to dictate who or what a woman should act like and represent.

Throw that middle finger up, then slide that sucker deep in your pussy and give yourself the orgasm they wish they could experience.

Don’t let nobody that’s jealous of your comfortability with your sexually free nature try to tell you who you need to be.

Release the freak you know you really wanna be.

Don’t allow this world to make you feel like your pussy ain’t worthy to be praised.

Stand at that alter and spread them thighs and let men bowl and stare in amazement at that glistening pussy.

Laugh at upturned noses that are so far up your ass, they secretly nut to you because they admire your courage to give your pussy the attention it craves.

Don’t you dare hide the fact that you love to fuck, fill your jaws with cum, swallow it and get your ass ate.

Get yo nut babe, multiple times comfortably on a king-sizedbed to match the king-sized personality of the queen you are.

Get real raunchy with it, watch porn, grab your own camera and star in it.

Squirt a waterfall down a nigga’s throat.

It’s okay that your pussy gets wet cause you love sucking dick.

Suck that dick down your throat and then ride it with no hands until that dick explodes with cum.

Babe your naughty is goals believe it or not.

Cum hard and long and often as you want.

Your sexual freedom is not to be mocked.

Put folks in their place every single time they try to come for you and your pussy activities.

Alexa play Freak Like Me by Adina Howard.

And turn up the volume loud, cause babe we got a point to make!




-India T Norfleet



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