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Playing for Keeps

Playing for Keeps

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Whoever said that finding true love was easy has never met Tiana Richmond. After finding the man she swore she would marry, their love affair ended with his holy matrimony--to another woman, barely a month after he walked out on her. Tiana has promised herself she wouldn't let a man fool her into loving him ever again...

But then enters DeAndre Willis...

He was the alusive high school crush she kept all to herself. A ladies' man that had broken almost every heart in high school but hers. After an embarrasing run in with him, Tiana hasn't been able to decide if the long forgetten crush is worth a second look as the reformed player attempts to win her heart.

The battle for love begins when lovers past won't let go.

Her ex has a secret to share about their devestating break-up, one he hopes will reel her back to him.

His ex is a love sick, bitter woman looking to sabotage any chance of him finding happiness after her.

Who will be left standing in this relationship drama that tests the bonds of love, family and friendships--all while Playing for Keeps?

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